Our Technology

One of the biggest issues in Manila is the difficulty in both setting up and maintaining a reliable, business grade internet connection, like issues with an individual clients equipment causing other tenants an outage of their internet or even bringing down the internet altogether. The second issue is regulating bandwidth, as when you have different businesses sharing internet, it can be abused by individuals causing the service to suffer for all parties.

To counter this we will be separating all of our customers into individual Subnets (separated physical networks) so that they all have access to the same internet, however have no way to affect the service of any other providers. This is also good from a security perspective, as without subnets one computer could access data on another tenant’s computer or potentially spread a virus across the network to other tenants.

Secondly to this we will be putting restrictions on the types of internet that can be used. We can restrict the traffic so that downloading music or movies is automatically blocked by our networking infrastructure, and in addition to this we can also priorities mission critical traffic such as phone lines and remote access over general web browsing.

We can add an additional internet line and separate key services onto a high quality business grade connection, while routing other non-critical internet traffic over a basic internet connection.

Additional services can be setup such as VOIP telephones, which can allow our customers to have phones on their desk with either Philippine phone numbers or even with international numbers from most countries. This allows for small businesses to achieve the same call centre systems like big companies have.