Our Commitment

New Wave Offices will deliver the necessary package to undertake this business to a higher level of professionalism, which intends to remove the daily frustrations of doing business in Manila. From negotiating real estate, to setting up businesses and connecting infrastructure such as telephony and internet, our business is the “magic glue” that turns a series of highly difficult tasks into a smooth business transaction.

In addition to this service, we are trying to offer the greatest flexibility to our clients to make our offices a more attractive option against our competitors. Flexibility is not only offered in the services we offer such as furnishings, equipment and types of offices, but it is also flexibility in terms. Traditionally in Manila large lease prepayments and deposits (3+3 months) are required to get a lease. We intend to offer greater flexibility by offering a 2+1 month lease to make it affordable for startup companies and small businesses. By reducing this barrier to entry, we expect it to be much easier for smaller companies to test the market in Manila.

We intend to offer the flexibility in having a short lease, however this will come at a premium to signing on for a 6 month, 12 month or 24 month lease to account for the increased likelihood for empty offices. This option works well as it offers startup companies the ability to sign a lease without much risk and then convert to a 24 month lease for a discount once they are established.