Fitted Office Space

New Wave Offices enables us to meet every budget and way of working: offices to large and small companies, branches or sales offices, marketing and consulting.

Save money and stay flexible with fully equipped offices. Keep your business cost effective and use only one office space when you really need it. Get an office with support at a fixed address, even if it only happens occasionally. Find a complete and flexible working right where you want it.

The office solution.

We plan to offer varying degrees of furnishings and services allowing businesses to take either a bare office, semi-furnished or fully furnished spaces with optional equipment such as computers, phones and international “direct in dial” phone lines. This “pay for only what you need” flexibility will make our solution attractive to a wide variety of businesses.

The bare solution is an empty office, fitted out with new carpeted flooring, new ceiling with lights and new painted walls.

The Semi furnished solution will be for clients who already have some furniture that they wish to use, but will require additional furniture’s from our stock.

The Fully furnished solution will be an office supplied with desks, chairs and cabinets for all staff.