Professional staffed reception
Your guests can be greeted by our friendly reception staff on arrival.

High speed Internet
We use multiple internet connections to provide the highest reliability and speed of internet connectivity possible.

Free Power
Outgoings such as heating, air conditioning, power, office cleaning, security, maintenance and public liability insurance are included.

Free access to conference room
Enjoy complementary access to shared conference room facilities.

Free access to lunch room
Common facilities include a kitchen appliances and a lounge area for lunch.

Prestigious Address
Have a prestigious address for your staff, guests and your letterhead and business cards.

Weekly cleaning
Enjoy a clean and sanitary environment with our included cleaning services to make your office an enjoyable place to work from.

24 hour security
We have 2 megapixel cameras covering all common areas of our business centre as well as 24 hour security guards monitoring all entrances of the building.

24 hour access
Enjoy secure, un-restricted access to your office 24/7.

Each tennants internet is private and secure
All clients computer networks are physically separated for security.

Secure RFID Access Control to all offices
All office doors are secured with RFID keycard access, ensuring the security of your personal belongings.